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If you want to do the Ablaufen,
you shall swing from both sides.

Here the Master teaches another main piece and explains how you shall do the Ablaufen with the Messer. [Rep.v.] When you come to him in the Zufechten, you enter a close bind and want to do the Ablaufen, then you shall swing with it from both sides like the women do when they uncoil yarn. Do it as if you wanted to sit down with the Messer and let it go to both sides, letting the thumb rest on the downward flat of the Messer all the time. If you then see him following your Messer with a displacement, Indes do a feint to the side where you expect to reach him most safely. Thus you will hit him.



  When you do the Ablaufen from both sides, Indes strike at the lower openings instantly after doing the Ablaufen. Indes strike at the upper opening instantly or strike at his chest with the point. Indes strike at the previous opening again. top

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