Hammaborg has always had a very practical approach: An essential part of our training consists of freeplay and sparring. For that matter we use adequate body protection in conjunction with blunt steel swords. An elementary addition were the martial arts and sparring concepts of Axel Wagener and Heiko Lempio since 2000. Several Hammaborg members studied armed and un-armed martial arts techniques in their school.
The basis of the interpretation and reconstruction of efficient European martial arts are first of all the historical sources, the so-called fechtbücher. With the aid of these we develop the single techniques. The precondition for applying them practically however is an understanding of fundamental and universal martial arts concepts on which we emphasize deeply. We support this with practical exercises, e.g. cutting, striking and thrusting tests that are repeatetdly executed with sharp sword replicas in order to gain some insight into the functionality of real historical weapons. Attending seminars about fighting and fencing at home and abroad polishes our training nicely.

The internationally renowned Hammaborg instructors are invited regularly as trainers and instructors throughout Europe. It is possible of course to get into touch with us if you are interested in a special or private class.

Our exact training schedule can be seen below. Beginners can attend training each Friday. Training takes place in our hall, Hasselbrookstraße 35–37.

Anybody who wants to participate in one of our training sessions is kindly requested to get in contact with us in advance.


The Instructors

Dierk Hagedorn

Dierk Hagedorn

Dierk Hagedorn (*1966) started sport fencing aged ten. In 2003 he joined Hammaborg and is instructor for the longsword. He is a member of HEMAC, the Historical European Martial Arts Coalition, and he focusses on German manuscripts of the 14th and 15th century, particularly on the so-called Peter von Danzig manuscript. His transcription and translation into modern German of this important treatise has been published in print: "Peter von Danzig: Transkription und Übersetzung der Handschrift 44 A 8" (see literature list).

Falko Fritz

Falko Fritz

Falko Fritz (*1976) started historical fencing in 2007. He became a member of Hammaborg in 2008 and joins Dierk Hagedorn to international gatherings as a co-trainer since then. In addition to the long sword his main interest is the "langes Messer" (long knife), which includes the interpretation of the texts as well as technical aspects of sword construction. The langes Messer was introduced to the regular Hammaborg training in 2009. Falko Fritz is a member of HEMAC since 2011.

Roland Fuhrmann

Roland Fuhrmann

Roland Fuhrmann (*1977) started sports fencing in 1983. After he discovered Historical European Martial Arts in 2008 he became a Hammaborg member in January 2009. Since 2010 he focused his studies on fencing with sword and buckler according to the treatise I.33. Late in 2010 he moved to Toulouse, France and was co-founder of the HEMA association “Ost Du Griffon Noir”. There he was instructor for sword and buckler until his return to Hamburg in September 2014.

Roland taught classes on several international HEMA events and keeps himself up to date constantly as attendee of workshops and scholar of Roland Warzecha at Dimicator.

Roland is HEMAC member since 2011 and ambassador of the German Historical Fencing Federation (DDHF) since 2014.

Björn Rüther

Björn Rüther

Björn Rüther (*1978) started historical fencing at Hammaborg in 2011. As a co-instructor he has supported both the advanced students’ and the beginners’ longsword training since 2013. Apart from the Liechtenauer lineage from the 14th and 15th century his main focus is Joachim Meyer’s fencing from the Renaissance period in the late 16th century. Since early 2014 Björn Rüther has been the instructor for a longsword group that concentrates primarily on sparring.
Björn is member of the work team for tournaments and the education of referees in the German national parent organisation for HEMA, the Deutscher Dachverband Historischer Fechter (DDHF).

Thomas Rehm

Thomas Rehm

Thomas Rehm (*1981) started historical fencing in 2013 at Hammaborg. His main interest is the longsword in the tradition of master Liechtenauer. He is also experienced in fencing with sword and buckler according to the manuscript I.33 and Joachim Meyer’s longsword. Since 2014 he assists Falko as a co-instructor on Fridays and he has been the club’s secretary from 2013 until 2015. Since 2015 he holds the office as treasurer. One can find him in the training salle on Saturdays where he instructs the Liechtenauer class.









      Open training  


        Longsword: freeplay for advanced students


      End of training  


        End of training


    "Langes Messer"/ beginners    


Longsword Sword & buckler      


    End of training    


End of training End of training      


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