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Re-opening of training

We can conduct trainings again!

A weekend in may was the first since the start of the lockdown were we could conduct trainings again. Due to decreased threat levels of Corona-infections, the city of Hamburg could lessen the imposed restrictions for sports.

We were finally able to swing our swords again.

On Saturday and Sunday, trainings of the Liechtenauer and Meyer class took place in the city park. The weather was almost perfect for the occasion and the participants enjoyed the drills and exercises.

After 8 weeks of lockdown and lack of training, now is a good time to come to a class.

If you are interested, contact us via the contact form on the website or directly via .

The respective trainers can provide you with our outdoors training locations and weather infos.

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Open Hall Hammaborg in 2020

You are interested in historical fencing? You like old sword, martial arts and old manuscripts?
Come and meet us at one of our Open Halls! Gain a first impression, explore things and have a chat with nice people. You don’t need any previous experience.
Entrance is free for all. There will be a small buffet with food and drinks.
Schedule for our four Open Halls this year.